Friday, May 19, 2017


In October of this year, we were given the most amazing blessing...a trip to Hawaii with Graham's family.  I still cannot believe this trip happened.  It was truly the trip of lifetime.  You see, Graham's mom, Mary, has a glioblastoma (aka GBM)...this is the worst form of brain cancer one can have.  It is incurable and difficult to to even try to treat.  She was diagnosed in 2015 and was given the prognosis of months to live.  The Lord is SO good and she has far surpassed her original prognosis.  Praise Him!

After a doctors appointment where she received some more bad news, Mary's best friend called and asked what she wants to do with her remaining time.  Mary's answer: "Spend as much time as possible with my kids and grandkids."  This spurred her friend on to GIFT the entire family...all NINE of us...with a week-long trip to Maui, Hawaii to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel and do nothing but enjoy time with each other in the most beautiful place on earth.  Unreal, right?  To be honest, when I first heard that we were going on this trip, my immediate thoughts were, "An 8 hour flight with a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 5 month old???" But the more I thought about the purpose behind this trip and the end result of that flight, I knew it would be worth it!

The Lord was so, ever gracious in allowing our family this time together with Mary.  The memories that were made, pictures and videos that were taken, and the conversations that were had will NEVER be forgotten.  I have made a book with details of the trip and all of our pictures so I will only be posting a handful on this post, but I could not blog about our year without mentioning this trip.


November is always one of my favorite months.  Beautiful weather, holiday season, lots of family time...all of my favorite things!

Watson is loving some dress-up these days.  His current favorite: Chase from Rescue Bots

Two cool cats at Samford's Homecoming

Emma found Watson's old cowboy boots and she LOVES wearing them!

Game time with Mana

Their favorite place on earth: Chuck E Cheese...

Watson had a great soccer season that wrapped up this month!

Cousins and best friends :)

I had a rare and welcomed girls night this month!  Several of us from Life Group made door signs and had so much fun for the night!

Pretty Ballerina :)

Thanksgiving Feast with my big man.  LOVE this boy SO MUCH!!

Emma...this girl...she sleeps with TWENTY ONE stuffed animals at night.  And if ONE is missing...she knows.  Oh how she keeps us laughing!!

Emma loves wearing Mary's wig...and it always bring some very welcomed laughs to all of us!

A quick day trip to Atlanta for a Passion meeting means a quick stop by the Varsity for dinner.  What'llyahave?


Our attempt at a family photo...

I love my family so much!

 Thanksgiving Feast with Emma Lou!

Seven months...

Seven months in, and Mason Hill you continue to bring us joy every single day.  You smile constantly, you laugh at everything, you are calm, laid back and always go with the flow!  


Clothes: 9 and 12 month clothes
Diaper: Size 3 diapers
Eating: Eating baby food twice a day (fruit in the am ad veggie in the pm.  About every other night I will add oatmeal cereal to your veggie).  So far you like all foods! You nurse anywhere from 5-7 times a day (including a middle of the night feeding almost every night).  You get a sippy cup of water when you eat, but you are still trying to figure out just how it works.
Sleeping: Sleeps about 11 hours at night (typically 8pm-7am) usually waking once to nurse.  Sometimes you make it all night and will wake up closer to 6:30am.

You are sitting up like a champ these days - getting stronger by the day!

For your first Halloween, you were a dalmatian.  The cutest little dalmatian around, I might add!  This costume went along with Watson (Firefighter) and Emma (Fire).

 Hillary can get you to laugh and smile every time you see her!  She may be your first crush :)

You babble and talk all day long.  My favorite thing you do right now is talk and sing yourself to is the sweetest thing int he world.  It's typically when we are in the car and you are falling makes us laugh so much :)  You make the same little sound when you have a dirty if you don't fall asleep then we know what you're trying to tell us!

I have decided that your cheeks are the most kissable baby cheeks in the world.  There is no telling how many kisses you get every hour!

Samford's Homecoming was so much fun this year!  You wore a sticker that said "Future Bulldog" and Poppa proudly paraded you around :)

Don't be fooled by this picture, you never...ever...take a paci!  I have tried to get you to take one and you practically gag every single time.  For whatever reason, this one moment you decided you liked it so I had to take a picture!

Chunky Monkey.  My goodness I could eat you up!

The best feeling is to see how much you light up and get excited when I walk into the room that you are in.  It fills me with so much joy!

I love watching you interact with Emma and Watson - your love for your sister is growing each day :)

Feeling you asleep on me is the best feeling in the world.  I am trying to soak up every single moment like this!