Monday, April 17, 2017



Cutest little Trick-or-Treaters there ever were!


October has been full of soccer games, Halloween parties, pumpkin patches, and just lots of time spent outside!  Here are some pictures to recap the month...

The past few years we have gone to a pumpkin patch here in Vestavia that supports several local families going through adoption.  The kids love choosing their pumpkins and this year they had some fun dressing up :)

Emma had a Halloween party at dance this month.  She wanted to dress up as a ballerina - easy enough!

Both kids had "Community Helper" day at school.  Watson was a fireman and Emma was a Librarian.  These kiddos LOVE a good excuse to play dress up!

Abby and Emma are good sports to sit through their brothers' soccer games each week.  So thankful these two have each other!

Raising a three year old little girl is not for the faint at heart!  It's a good thing she makes us laugh a lot to make up for all those tears :)....both hers and mine!

Our front yard is the hub for activity for kids on our street...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Lots of time outside means this....

Daddy-Watson day was a success!  Some good quality time is for sure this boy's love language.  A trip to Vulcan was what he wanted...and what he got :)  As is typical for Watson, the maps around the park were his favorite part!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Six months...

Six Months!  How are we already here?!!

Weight: 19lbs 6.9oz
Height: 27"
Size clothes: 6-9 month clothes
Size diaper: Size 3
Eating: Nurses about 6 times a day and eats baby food once or twice a day.  Is doing well with all the stage one foods we have tried!
Sleeping: Typically wakes one, sometimes two, times a night.  Thankfully he will go back to sleep very quickly if I nurse him, so I do...every time he wakes up... :)  Naps three times a day..usually two good naps and a cat nap here and there in the car.

If my back didn't hurt so bad when we use this, we would use it a lot more!  Sweet boy loves being in the Ergo.

Those cheeks...those chins...goodness I love a chunky baby!

This month we went to HAWAII!  It was a last minute trip that will have a post all to itself, but this boy was such an amazing traveler!  Two days of travel, 10 1/2 hours total in a plane...Mason didn't skip a beat.  I was so nervous but he did so good!  He may have nursed for about 8 hours straight...ha...but it worked!  I am so thankful we had this time with Nannie - it is a trip that we will never forget and that I'm so thankful Mason will have pictures of to look back on!

Emma loves to hold her baby brother...Mason loves it too...can't you tell?  :)  We are still working on her holding techniques!

All three of my babies have loved their sleep sacks - it signals bed time for them and helps make a smooth transition to bed.

First visit to the pumpkin patch! 

I don't want to ever forget the feeling of holding you as you are sleeping.  My heart could explode out of my chest with love for you, sweet boy!

That little tongue still stays out most of the time, but it's not as prominent as it was before.  Dr. Wilson says that as your mouth grows your tongue will fit inside better :) 

You like the Johnny Jumper, but I think Emma likes having you in it even more.  She loves to swing you back and forth...and she loves to put her baby dolls in it when you are not.  All of your baby items have doubled as baby doll items!

Sitting up like a big boy!  You are still a bit wobbly but you are getting better and stronger each day..we are so proud of you!

Our baby gift from my parents was this rug for our den - and I am SO thankful for it!  Before, we had a jute rug that although it was a beautiful rug, it was not soft and shed really bad - it would not have been comfortable for a baby to roll around on and would have been a mess! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The months are flying by way too fast these days!

School started this month...we were ALL very excited about this :)

Emma is in 3K, 3 days a week

Watson is in 4K, 5 days a week

Hink bought W a new hat and he was PUMPED about it!

Soccer also started this month.  Watson and Hampton are on the same team...The Flying Eagles

Meanwhile on the sideline...

Hot days call for ice cream!

We had to take some pictures of W's favorite things for a school project - the park was at the top of the list!

Abner came to Birmingham this month!  It was so much fun getting to spend time with him and have my kids fall in love with him.  They even scored a Spanish lesson and some M&M's out of their time together :)

So thankful for this man and his family.

Emma's self portrait from school...

We have spent LOTS of time in the driveway playing with water balloons, water guns, and our plastic pool this summer!  Sweet kiddos were great sports - it was hard to go to the actual pool with Mason being so young so we had to improvise a lot!

The pool was a lifesaver this summer until this happened....  GROSS.

My uncle, Mike - thankful for time with him this summer as well!

Super Hero day at dance - apparently we need to up our game in Super Hero clothes for girls!

Audra and Ryan Whaley - dear friends and amazing examples for my children.

Cancer stinks.  Thankful for the innocence of a child to bring a smile to our face in the hardest of days.  Here is Emma in Nannie's wig - we turned around and found her with it on :)