Sunday, August 6, 2017


Some pictures of our family Christmas with my family and Graham's family...

Since we went to Oklahoma for Christmas this year and I was a little late in getting our decorations up, I only put one tree up.  I didn't use any ornaments this year (except for some balls) and just used ribbon and was different that usual but fun for a change.  I will definitely go back to my traditional trees with the ornaments next year!

Merry Christmas from the three most precious babies around!

Mason was most entertained by the bows :)

Emma's first big girl bike! (Gifted by Manna and Poppa)

My older two kids never paid much attention to the tree when they were a baby. Mason, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of it!

Lunch with Janza and Grandpa!

Dinner with Uncle Alan and Car Car!

Sweet baby.

There may not be much documentation of us...but here is proof that we were actually around :)

Nannie gave the kids these light up necklaces that the LOVED!

Santa has arrived!

Emma got lots of new makeup for Christmas and was excited to use it all :)

Nothing cuter than a baby boy in a smocked longall :)

Decked out in Christmas pjs!


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